Enrollment Regulations

Please, note that there are other requirements in addition to the below ones according to different specializations.
Applicant for postgraduate programs has to have gained the Bachelor’s certificate with estimations that cope with different academic specializations. Moreover, there are other criteria taken into consideration while checking applications for postgraduate studies:

  • A verification that proves student’s academic readiness for completing study of postgraduate programs.
  • Results of GMAT and GRE tests that are required for some academic programs.
  • A letter of support and guidance from one of Faculty professors for the student.
  • A letter of recommendation from one of University professors or from employer.
  • An interview
  • Test of Arabic as Foreign Language (TAFL) if required by the Department.
Mastering the English Language
Postgraduate students must have sufficient knowledge of English to continue studying in this language. To complete the process of admission to the university, results of the TOEFL or iBT tests, in addition to results of the TWE test, must be submitted. Students may be exempted from language tests if they studied at an acknowledged University where study is in English.
If applicants fail to get the passing mark in language exam while meeting the rest of application conditions, they join English Language Institute for conducting further study of the language. Please, see detailed conditions about English language and passing mark of TOEFL test.
Computer and Library Skills
Postgraduate students have to prove their efficiency in using computer and academic libraries due to their significance in scientific research in postgraduate studies.
Admission exam
Some departments require taking some exams in order to join them such as the GRE or GAMAT. Results of these exams are taken into account during admission.
Some applications that are presented after deadline can be accepted. However, priority is given to students who applied during the time determined by the University. Applying dates can be seen through the following link http://catalog.aucegypt.edu/#admi_appl_targ
Admission Requirements
To continue admission process, the following documents must be presented:
  • The application form of postgraduate studies. Applying is also available via the internet.
  • An official Statement of Marks from higher education institutions where the student studied.
  • A letter that shows the aim of study, Form 2. A letter is presented for each program the student applies for.
  • A recent CV.
  • Egyptian and international applicants for specialization of psychology have to present three letters of recommendation. International students who apply for all other graduate programs and Egyptian students who apply for fellowships have to present two letters of recommendation.
Required Tests
- TOEFL or iBT Tests:
Non-native speakers of English have to present results of TOEFL test. The results of TOEFL test are valid only for one year. Applicants, who gained scientific degrees from accredited universities where study is in English, are exempted from language test. Language tests are required also from students who apply for fellowship of African Studies Master, taking into consideration that the passing mark of language tests is 0903.
- GMAT Test
Applicants for Business Administration Master have to present the result of an initial informal test to start the submission process.
- GRE Test
It is required for students who apply for Master of Economy, International Development Economy, and Press and Media.

International Students:
Students who are not Egyptian must present:
  • International Students’ Data Form, i.e. Postgraduate Form No. 5.
  • Two photos (passport size) and a photocopy of the information page of a valid passport showing the photo, passport number and personal data.
Egyptian students:
They must present:
  • A copy of the national ID card
  • The official certificate of birth
Admission Requirements
The following documents must be submitted in accordance with decision of admission and before registration:
  • An original Statement of Marks of the Bachelor's degree Certificate.
  • The official certificate of the iBT / TOEFL, GRE and GMAT tests if needed.
  • Full physical examination report: tests should be performed within one month prior to enrollment.
  • Financial evidence showing the possibility of covering tuition fees during the study period at the American University in Cairo
  • Paying all fees and expenses during determined dates.
For International Students only
  • A Medical report and accident insurance during their stay in Egypt.
  • Results of HIV tests to get a student visa.

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