Department of Land and Water

Aims of the Department

• To develop curricula in the undergraduate and postgraduate stages in order to prepare graduates who are able to improve agricultural production to cope with the increase of population and to narrow the food gap.
• To give interest to skills during development of curricula so as to qualify graduates to labor market requirements.
• To prepare cadres qualified for competition, to improve graduate’s level of quality according to requirements of international labor market and to give interest to environmental affairs, development and community service to solve the problems of pollution and deterioration related to land and water sciences.
• To increase performance qualify of teaching staff and assistant staff at the Department so as to raise efficiency of the educational process and to gain accreditation.
• To direct scientific research at the Department to community service and development and to the sustainable vision of the surrounding ecological system.
• To encourage international publications so as to develop scientific research, to raise competition at the international level and to assure world quality.
• To cooperate with all specializations and research centers in Egypt and abroad to serve and develop environment and community.
• To rationalize use of water, to minimize or prevent pollution of land and water and to draw up integrated fertilization programs in order to maximize the return of land and water.
• To use remote sensing technologies and geographic information systems (GIS) to study and minimize deterioration of agricultural land and to achieve agricultural sustainability.
• To use specialized mathematical models to solve local, regional and global problems.

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