Strategic Objectives

The First Goal: Quality Assurance to Gain Continuous Academic Accreditation

Strategic Objectives

1. To design educational programs according to National Academic Reference Standards (NARS).
2. To increase effectiveness of Quality Assurance Unit.
3. To maintain constructions and devices according to standards
4. To offer variety of knowledge resources and to focus on electronic resources and self-learning.

The Second Goal: To Enhance Researchers’ Innovative Skills to Develop Scientific Research

Strategic Objectives :

1. To activate the strategic plan of the Faculty.
2. To introduce new educational programs of veterinary medicine.
3. To encourage and offer motivations to innovative scientific research to solve social problems..
4. To prepare research labs for academic accreditation according to specifications of ISO 17025.

The Third Goal: Effective Social Participation and Increase of Social Responsibility

Strategic Objectives :

1. To activate the plan of community service and environmental development.
2. To buy or rent a research an educational farm for research near the Faculty.
3. To raise awareness of all parties and labor market about the educational program of the Faculty that differs from that in traditional faculties of agriculture.
4. To strengthen relations between the Faculty and its alumni to achieve social participation. .

The Fourth Goal: To Raise the Level of General Job Satisfaction

Strategic Objectives :

1.To draw up specific policy and objective criteria which achieve justice among all categories.
2. To provide suitable work environment to each department or administration to fulfill the desired aims.
3. To adopt fair practices and non-discrimination among concerned categories.
4. To devise a mechanism that ensures that qualifications match work.

The Fifth Goal: Development of Human Resources

Strategic Objectives :

1. To define training needs of concerned categories; academic and administrative leaders, faculty members and their assistants, and the administrative body.
2. To assess the effect and return of training.
3. To offer training programs to develop skills.
4. To prepare a plan for development of concerned categories’ skills and abilities to achieve professional development at the Faculty.

The Sixth Goal: To Improve Competitive Advantages of the Faculty

Strategic Objectives:

1. To improve performance of Agricultural Experiments and Research Center and Special Units.
2. To innovate mechanisms to apply the plan for increase of self-resources.
3. To device mechanisms for attracting foreign students.

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