Objectives of the Faculty


Faculty of Agriculture at Tanta University aims to provided different sectors of community with outstanding specialists able to lead processes of agricultural production, as graduates of the Faculty who studied agricultural sciences (general division) are aware of various basics of all agricultural specializations, and able to solve related problems via studying and research because the Faculty is located in Middle Delta where there are many factories that depend on agricultural products and there are a lot of agricultural projects affiliated to the private sector which prefer a graduate with comprehensive knowledge of agricultural sciences.

Thereupon, philosophy of the Faculty took into consideration updating curricula that match requirements of these trends and recent developments in different agricultural sciences, in addition to giving due interest to use of computer and its applications as well as good knowledge of English to expand sources of information and to be aware of new findings. It can be summarized as follows:

1- To prepare agricultural specialists who have scientific knowledge and different complementary mental, artistic and professional skills that qualify them for optimum production of field and horticultural crops necessary for local consumption and for export .

2- To provide students with professional information and to introduce recent technologies in the framework of poultry industry and its related fields .

3- To qualify student for work in food and dairy products factories and to establish food projects .

4- To prepare a graduate qualified for work in a commercial or research scope in areas of agricultural pest control .

5- To train students in making decisions related to management of agricultural institution in a way that copes with changes  .

6- To graduate a student who is aware of land resources and methods of land reclamation, water resources and planning to make optimum use of them, to keep them and protect them from pollution.

7- A graduate must be able to deal with and apply biotechnology applications to solve problems and able to work in this field.

8- To help a graduate acquire some cognitive skills in the field of agricultural engineering through which he can use modern technology in this area.