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Prof. Magdy Sabaa, Tanta University President, has announced the initial list of applicants for deanship of Faculty of Agriculture. The University previously announced the timetable for choosing the professor who will occupy the position.

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Prof. Emad Etman, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, announced that Tanta University Council held a meeting on July 7, 2020 under chairmanship of Prof. Magdy Sabaa. The Council gave an approval for exempting final-year students at faculties of Education, Arts, Specific Education, Physical Education, Commerce, Law and Agriculture from the graduation prerequisite of literacy that stipulates educating 2 illiterate persons.

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Prof. Kamal 'Okasha, Tanta University Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, has announced that Tanta University Council gave an approval for starting registration electronically at postgraduate studies including diploma, master's degree and PhD degree in the academic year 2020-2021 at faculties of Tanta University through the following link:

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Prof. Magdi Sab', Tanta University President and Chairman of Deans’ Selection Committee at the University, has announced the start of applying for deanship of Faculty of Agriculture for professors who work at the Faculty with effect from Sunday, July 5th to Sunday July 12th.

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The Faculty Council approved the request submitted by Prof. Fahmy Abdel Rahman Sadiq Hassan

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